The SMUG Appeal

This is a SMUG mugging.
The writers and illustrators who contribute to SMUG do so with no financial reward, nor do we seek recognition. We simply want to keep our beautiful city from disappearing up its own bottom by prompting the people of Winchester, you and I, to laugh at ourselves. Please support our SMUG crowdfunder campaign to secure the future of SMUG satire magazine and increase the availability of funny therapy to fellow human beings. For inspiration, feel free to watch SMUG editor, Lady Wench (yours truly) pleading with her pants down (It’s not what you think!). There are plenty of wonderful rewards and you can offer anything from £10 to however much you can remortgage your house for. And if we don’t reach or humble target, you get your pledge back. Anything, no matter how small (or large) is received with joy and gratitude. And we won’t waste a penny. That’s a promise. Thank you!!!



For a personal conversation contact the editor Lady Wench: